Sharing season tickets is a great way for fans to get the tickets that best meet their needs. With SplitSeasonTickets, fans can join a group and use our tools to select their games and keep track of their tickets all season long.

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Share with a Season Ticket Holder

If your team is participating in SplitSeasonTickets, you can browse through verified season ticket holder listings. Ask questions and then make offers on the season ticket sharing opportunities that work best for you! Buy tickets to several games at once at your preferred location and price point.

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Ticket Draft

Many season ticket holders will offer to host a ticket draft to determine who gets which games. This is a fair, transparent, and fun way to allocate the season's games.

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If you join a season ticket holder and complete an agreement to share season tickets, you will be added to their SplitSeasonTickets account and will be able to see details, like the ticket calendar, for the season tickets.

Active Sports Teams

The following Sports Teams are using our services. If your Team is in the list below, start using our services today! If your team is not, please let us know AND contact your season ticket representative.

Houston Astros
Astros Split Season Tickets
Washington Nationals
Nationals Split Season Tickets
Boston Red Sox
Major League Baseball
Red Sox Season Ticket Partner Board
Minnesota Twins
Major League Baseball
Twins Ticket Share
San Francisco Giants
Major League Baseball
Giants Split Season Tickets
St. Louis Cardinals
Major League Baseball
Cardinals Split Season Tickets
Pittsburgh Penguins
National Hockey League
Penguins Ticket Share Network
Winnipeg Jets
National Hockey League
Winnipeg Jets Share Partner Network

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