Partner Matching Renewals

Help your best customers keep their seats by giving them a way to find new share partners. Season ticket holders can create listings and then receive offers to share their seats.

find the right season tickets

Browse Listings

Potential partners can browse through available listings via a Map Search or a List Search.

all listings verified by the team


Season ticket holders create listings to showcase their opportunity to share their seats. Potential partners can review all of the details and ask questions. When they find the right listing, they can click Make Offer.


The Offer

As offer is the start of an Agreement to Share Season Tickets. A potential partner creates the initial offer and submits it to the season ticket holder.


Offer Review

Season ticket holders are notified of a new offer via email and can choose to Accept, Reject, or Counter any offer.

successful match

Completed Agreement

Once a season ticket holder and potential partner agree to the terms, they complete the Agreement to Share Season Tickets. The new partner is added to the season ticket holder's tickets in the SplitSeasonTickets service.

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