Season Ticket Holders

Season ticket holders are invested emotionally and financially in their team. You should have the tools to help you get the most out of tickets. SplitSeasonTickets can help you Find Partners, Manager Partners and Tickets, host a Ticket Draft, and Keep Track of how you use your tickets.

hold onto your season tickets

Find Partners

Not many people can attend and/or afford to go to all of the games in the season. Most season ticket holders have partners. What do you do if you lose one of your partners? What if your life circumstances change and you need someone to share some of your games? SplitSeasonTickets can help you find new partners and help you hold onto your seats!

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Manage Partners & Tickets

Use our simple tools to manage your partners and tickets and take the hassle out of sharing your tickets. You and your partners can quickly see who has which tickets.

divvy up your tickets

Ticket Draft

How do you divvy up your seats? Use our draft tool to make your annual ticket draft easy and fun. The fantasy-sports-like system can be easily configured to your group's needs and will be a MUCH better way to determine who gets which games.

ticket usage

Tools for Businesses

Season Ticket Holders are REALLY invested in their teams. We understand. That is why we provide these tools to let Season Ticket Holders keep track of how their tickets are being used. You decide what you want to track, it is easy to enter the data, and then you can run reports. You will have a real answer to "how do we use our tickets?" In addition, we have a ticket request workflow where an administrator can designate people to be able to request tickets. You can easily have multiple sets of tickets in the system. Get a handle on your season tickets!

Active Sports Teams

The following Sports Teams are using our services. If your Team is in the list below, start using our services today! If your team is not, please let us know AND contact your season ticket representative.

Houston Astros
Astros Split Season Tickets
Washington Nationals
Nationals Split Season Tickets
Boston Red Sox
Major League Baseball
Red Sox Season Ticket Partner Board
Minnesota Twins
Major League Baseball
Twins Ticket Share
San Francisco Giants
Major League Baseball
Giants Split Season Tickets
St. Louis Cardinals
Major League Baseball
Cardinals Split Season Tickets
Pittsburgh Penguins
National Hockey League
Penguins Ticket Share Network
Winnipeg Jets
National Hockey League
Winnipeg Jets Share Partner Network

Don't see your Team?

1. If your team is not listed above, contact your season ticket sales representative and let them know that you would like to use SplitSeasonTickets!

2. If you need to hold a draft to divvy up your tickets, you can use OnlineDraft. Ticket Draft functionality is provided free of charge for season ticket holders for the teams that use SplitSeasonTickets listed above.

3. Let us know!

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